How it Works

How it Works for Suppliers

Supplier Connection is a network that provides its participating Buying Members access to a broad group of small and diverse business suppliers. By creating a profile for your company, not only do you increase your visibility with Buying Members, you will also be visible to other small and diverse businesses.

1. Register

Create a personal account by providing basic information and setting up a secure password. A confirmation email will be sent with a link to activate your account.

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2. Confirm Company Eligibility

Confirm your company's eligibility to participate by clicking Start Profile and filling out a short form. If your company is currently not eligible, you may still join our community and stay informed of updates. community activities.

3. Complete Company Profile

Ensure your company profile is 100% complete so buyers will consider it. It's important to maintain your profile with up-to-date information that provides specifics on your offerings.

Connect with Our Community: Check out other Small and Diverse Business profiles, find business development resources, 
sign up for industry events and connect with us through social media.

How it Works for Buyers

Participating Buying Members can be from any industry and can include Fortune 500 and mid-size corporations, as well as academic institutions and governments. The key requirement is executive support within your organization to include and increase the usage of US Small and Diverse Businesses in your supply chain.

Interested in becoming a participating Buyer Member?  
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